Using Our Certificate Templates

Editing Certificates

All certificates are provided in two formats:

The PDF files include fillable fields. This means that text may be edited in the PDF file within any compatible PDF reader. The editable details include items like name, date, type of award, etc. Use this for creating a fast, simple certificate where you only need to edit text in the fillable sections.

Word files are fully editable. If you need to change the wording or layout of a certificate, you will need to use the Word version.

Printing Tips

Our certificates will print on standard 8.5 x 11 printer paper. If you want a more professional look, you may want to try printing on parchment paper. Please note that we can't test every certificate with every kind of printer and paper, so your results may vary depending on what you are using.


All of our templates include a list of fonts used in each certificate. This is because we use some fonts that aren't included with programs like Microsoft Word by default. Because of the way PDF files work, fonts appear correctly in these files whether you have the font installed or not. This isn't the case with the .doc version. You may want to check the PDF file to see how the certificate is supposed to look, then compare it to the .doc file to determine whether you need to install a font. Most fonts may be found for free by searching on Google. Please consult the support materials for your operating system and software for instructions on how to install fonts.

Compatible Software

Our certificates work best in Adobe Reader (PDF) and Microsoft Word (.doc), but some of them may work in other software such as Foxit Reader or OpenOffice. However, we recommend Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word for the best results. Some templates have quirky behavior in other programs.